Mower Blade With A Stable Start, Reliable Performance

The first step in choosing a Mower Blade is to understand the characteristics of the lawn. The area of the lawn will affect your choice of engine horsepower, while the characteristics of the lawn terrain determines the mower should have the performance.

In general, 3.5 to 5 hp of the engine can be fully qualified for a small area of lawn weeding task. The engine suitable for such lawns must have the characteristics of stable start and reliable performance. Bristol Quattro 4.0 horsepower push-type engine without too much maintenance, is a suitable for small area weeding the preferred engine. It starts smooth, convenient, and can reach the maximum horsepower in an instant.

For medium-sized lawns, 5 to 6.5 hp hand-push Mower Blade or 8.5 to 12.5 hp mount mowers are more appropriate. Since the weed area is proportional to the engine power, be sure to pay attention to the durability and working time of the engine when you are purchasing a Mower Blade.

For simple lawns with gentle slopes and fewer corners, it is recommended that you use the basic pitcher. An excellent hand-push Mower Blade must have a feature that is easy to start. On the ground uneven, there are obstacles Mower Blades are required to have a better direction of control performance. Self-propelled Mower Blade is easy to move, and small-scale Mower Blade is also easier to operate. In this case, you can choose the power of 12.5 to 17.5 horsepower for your horse-riding Mower Blade. The engine is not only strong, but also saves fuel. In addition, because it has the advantages of low operating temperature, thus extending the life of the engine.

Terrain high and low ups and downs, large surface damage to the large courtyard of the engine to the performance of a great challenge. Vanguard engine is suitable for lawn tractor and can take on

Rake sweeping, handling, traction, plowing, tillage and weeding.

After the use of the Mower Blade first, clean it all: second, check all the screws, oil oil, air filter, blade with or without defects, etc., again, for the Mower Blade service life, strengthen the vulnerable parts Check or replace. Periodic conservation is more important.

(1) maintenance of oil

Every time you use the Mower Blade, check the oil surface to see if it is in the middle of the oil gauge. The first 5 hours should be a change of oil, after 10 hours should change the oil, after the case of change for oil. Change the oil should be in the engine in a heat state, so as to replace the old oil completely. If the oil excess will appear: difficult to launch, or black smoke is particularly large, or the strength of small (cylinder coke too much, spark plug gap small), or engine heat is too large. If the oil is too small will appear: the engine gear sound or damaged, or ring ring wear, damage, or the emergence of Lawa phenomenon, causing serious damage to the engine. So the maintenance of oil is very important.

(2) the maintenance of air filter

Every time before and after use to check whether the dirty, should be frequently ground wash, if dirty will lead to the engine difficult to start, black smoke, the strength of small and so on.

(3) carburetor and oil pipeline maintenance

Each time the addition of gasoline should filter filter, and can not be placed in the tank for a long time, carburetor cleaning carburizer special cleaning agent, cleaning cycle depending on the degree of dirty carburetor to set. If the carburetor fails, the engine can not be launched or launched immediately after the flame, should be cleaned.