Mower Blade Requires Periodic Replacement Of Oil

First, the safe operation of the Mower Blade

A, with good leggings, put on shoes, put on uniforms.

B, the machine starts and run, the blade is not allowed near the messy items and clothing, the work area radius of 7-8 meters can not be someone.

C, not moving the machine in operation.

D, start the operation, low-speed operation after 1-3 minutes after the load, no load, are not allowed to open high-speed.

Second, the use of mower precautions

A, gasoline recommended the use of more than 90 # oil, oil recommended the use of high-quality engine oil; new machine in the first 30 hours of mixing ratio of 1: 20,30 hours after the normal ratio of 1:30. Four-stroke engine must be added pure gasoline, a separate oil port plus oil.

B, the new machine should be replaced after 5 hours of oil, the use of 10 hours after the oil should be replaced once again, according to the requirements of the manual after the regular replacement of oil.

C, check the machine before starting the machine (engine oil surface, the number of gasoline, air filter filter performance, screw tightness, blade elasticity and sharpness).

D, start the engine in the cold state, you should first close the damper, heavy pressure oiler more than 3 times, the throttle to the maximum. Start and then open the damper.

E, mowing, slope mowing, phased cut.

F, continuous working hours not more than 4 hours, every 50 minutes of work recommended to rest 10 minutes.

Mowers, the main purpose is mowing. Used in the garden decoration pruning, grass greening pruning, urban streets, highway green belt, greening spots, pastoral pruning, field weeding, especially the park's grassland and grassland, soccer field and other grassland, private villa garden, Site vegetation and other aspects of the dressing.

With the continuous development of science and technology, the use of Mower Blade is also more and more widely. It is more suitable for cutting of crops, such as rice, wheat, corn, sugar cane, beans, barley, herbs and other crops, shredded weeds, tea trees, etc., is particularly suitable for Hills, high slope terraces, triangular land, mud, woodland harvest, cutting and finishing operations.

In order to be more efficient and more convenient to use the Mower Blade to complete the operation, we specifically for each job situation to do the following:

Before the job

1. Whether it is side-hanging Mower Blade or kneeling Mower Blade, before the operation, please follow the instructions in the operating instructions, the parts connected firmly, especially the work blade dumper nut, be sure to tighten.

2. Check the fuel is enough, to accurately fill, two-stroke Mower Blade filling mixed oil, 93 # gasoline, two-stroke oil mixed, the ratio of 25: 1, four-stroke lawnmower in the fuel tank filled with 93 # Pure gasoline, oil tank filling four-stroke oil, the best use of Mower Blade special oil.

3. Start the gasoline engine, low speed or idle operation for 3-5 minutes, so that the gasoline engine before the operation fully warmed up to better protect the gasoline engine.

4. Before the operation, according to their own characteristics to adjust the length of the strap, Mower Blade to be located on the right side of the operator, the operator must naturally stand straight, left and right hands were holding the left and right hand (side hanging) or front and rear handle (backpack) The The operating lever is tilted forward and the blade and ground are kept in parallel, at a distance of about 3-5 cm, which helps the operator to maintain a balance and effectively control the operation.

In operation

1. To fight grass head mowing operation should ensure that playing grass head nylon rope out of the grass outside the dragon outside the 5-10 cm, if too long, because the load will affect the life of the gasoline engine, and cause damage to the grass Too short, will reduce operating efficiency.

2. With the blade mowing work Do not put the entire blade into the grass, the general lawn, into the blade diameter of 1/2 can be grass grass hard grass, into the blade diameter of 1/3 can.

3. Shoot the shrub with a blade The general shrubs should be cut along the shrubs around the same horizontal plane. When cutting thick shrubs, cut a hole in the direction of the shrubs, and the depth of the hole is about 1/3 of the diameter of the shrub , And then cut the shrub from the other side of the shrub. This cutting ensures that the blade is not caught during the cutting process and the direction of the shrub fall is controlled.