Cylinder Mower Blade Always Keep Polished And Maintenance

Cylinder Mower Blade A green lawn, soft and tidy, there is a warm wind blowing over to help you set off the page, you smile to stop, grass incense and scholarly, without a trace of annoying. Have such a piece of grass, is also a blessing to pay strength.

Cylinder Mower Blade Today, we are from the mowing, watering, fertilization, pests and diseases to control weeds, ventilation, etc., divided into five sections of the lawn conservation technology, with a view to help and interest.

0, cut out the stripes. A lawn mower with a mounting roller can create a classic striped finish for the lawn. This lawn mower blade is set on a forwardly rolling cylinder, the heavier the cylinder, the more obvious the stripes.

1, pruning height. Lawn cut too low will have an impact on the growth of lawns, cut too high, giving the feeling of not clean. General cut height: grass Kentuckypes 4-6 cm, tall fescue 5-7 cm.

2, one third of the principle. That is, Cylinder Mower Blade each cut part of the height of the lawn should be within one-third. Lawn is too high, should not be cut to the required standard height, a small number of times, and gradually reach the required height.

3, in the summer, in order to improve the turf on the heat and drought tolerance, cold-type lawn should be stubble higher. If the damage caused by pests and human factors,Cylinder Mower Blade  it should also improve the stubble height.

4, five do not cut Lawn wet when not trimmed, no hot when no pruning, Cylinder Mower Blade there is no disease when the disease can not cut, dry weather is not pruning, frost weather delayed cut.

5, after the cut three should not be. Cut the lawn should not immediately watering (usually 1 hour after the watering), should not immediately spray pesticides or fertilizers, should not be immediately on the grass activities.

6, fast knife. Whether it is hand-held flat cut,Cylinder Mower Blade  or lawn mowers, blade to sharp, leaves to be neatly cut. Otherwise it will affect both beautiful and easy to cause disease.

7, clean up debris. Before cutting grass to remove the debris in the lawn, especially hard objects, so as not to damage the blade.

8, no three cut Early spring turn green period, summer dormant period, late autumn before the yellow, generally not cut.

9, after the cut water. Trim the lawn in 2 hours after the timely watering, Cylinder Mower Blade remember that no water conditions and the climate can not cut dry heat.

10, clean grass leaves. Timely removal of cut grass leaves, especially after drying is not easy to fall to the ground and attached to the lawn on the grass leaves, not only affect the beautiful and easy to breed bacteria.

11, trimming machine. When using the trimming machine, Cylinder Mower Blade pay attention to the blade can not be collided with hard objects, so as to avoid accidents or damage to the blade.

12, conservation tools. After each cut grass, pay attention to cleaning machinery, both anti-mechanical rust and pest damage breeding. The blade should always be polished and maintained.