Slitter blade dynamics

First, product performance and use: The product undergoes strict quality control High temperature heat treatment to remove the stress to extend the working life Slitting machine blade is mainly used for paper, tape, tape, film, gold, silver, copper, aluminum, alloy foil and other items Slitting. These high-grade metal foil cutting requirements of high precision, no glitches, no indentation phenomenon, so the difficulty of cutting larger.

Second, materials and technology: high-speed steel products used as raw materials. On the slitting, cross-cutting high precision, cut the minimum resistance, wear the most sharp edge lasting. And the use of high-tech technology, the blade of the ceramic composite and blade surface tungsten carbide coating treatment, so that the blade in the cutting, the wear is not easy and not Posts Posts, reducing the friction when cutting to solve this problem , Greatly improving the cutting accuracy and speed, and extend the service life.

Our company is a technical factory specializing in the production and design of machine blades. The company introduced more advanced production equipment, such as high precision grinding machines, ultra precision lathes, internal and external cylindrical grinders, and so on. Experts, after a long-term research and development alternative to imports of high-precision micron-level slitting blade. And the application of high-tech production of auxiliary processing technology.