Brushcutter blade manufacturers describe three elements of clean brush cutter

Brushcutter blade manufacturers describe three elements of clean brush cutter

Many farmland operators have a bad habit, that is, after the use of agricultural machinery does not take measures such as cleaning, maintenance, etc., directly put it in hand, can not think of it until it is used again, but at this time, due to rain and sunshine, resulting in farm tools rust As a result, the brush cutters have shortened life span. For this reason, the brush cutter blade manufacturers have come to teach you how to clean the brush cutters, allowing you to increase the service life of the brush cutters through three points and reduce the potential safety hazards in the operation of agricultural machinery.

First of all, the brush cutter can not be arbitrarily left after use, use tea to rub the body, after a simple maintenance, it is best to use tarpaulin or plastic cloth to bind dust. Second, it should be placed in a cool, ventilated place, not exposed to strong light, and the ground should be flat and damp without moisture or in a simple sun shade shelter. Finally, the brush cutter must be cleaned after use, or wipe the dirt, weeds, and plant debris inside and outside the equipment with a cloth. If necessary, it should also be disassembled for cleaning and maintenance.

These are the three elements of brush cutter cleaning. Have you learned it?

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